What does it take to get listed on a crypto exchange? $1 million USD


Crypto exchanges are charging up to $1 million per ICO to list tokens: 'It's pure capitalism'
(Business Insider, by Oscar Williams-Grut)

"Cryptocurrency exchanges are charging between $50,000 and $1 million to list initial coin offerings, according to a Business Insider investigation."

Nymex veteran targets institutions with cryptocurrency exchange
(Bloomberg, by Camila Russo)

"He’s going after an increasingly profitable part of the financial world, where existing exchanges charge fees that average 0.3 percent and lead to millions of dollars in revenue a day, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The 10 biggest crypto trading platforms are processing volume of about $200 million to as much as $1.7 billion per day, according to CoinMarketCap."

Questions for TSA after reports of laptop and phone searches on domestic flights
(The Guardian, by Sam Levin)

"Over the past year, civil liberties groups have repeatedly raised concerns about US border agents expanding the invasive searches of international travelers’ phones. Some travelers reported authorities demanding they unlock their devices and allow officials to review text messages, social media accounts, photos and other private information – without warrants or reasonable suspicion."


Miner threat
(BuzzFeed, by Charlie Warzel)

"Thanks to its plentiful land and cheap power, rural Montana, Washington, and Wyoming are now home to a new crop of cryptocurrency prospectors. Their neighbors aren’t too happy about it."

Ponzis and death: the strange ways to lose crypto
(CoinDesk, by Alyssa Hertig)

"University of New Mexico assistant professor Marie Vasek looked through nearly 2,000 scams, revealing research that hinted at the sheer variety seeking crypto gains. Some, she said, last for ages until the hoax is found out, others come and vanish overnight, all without much interest."

Investors, worried about end of Goldilocks market, pare back riskier bets
(WSJ, by Riva Gold and Georgi Kantchev)

"Investors broadly remain bullish on stocks and other investments, aided by an upbeat U.S. jobs report on Friday. But repeated bouts of market volatility in 2018 and signs of a pickup in inflation have forced them for the first time in several years to reassess their tolerance for risk."

Endgame(Phase Capital)

"Global markets will likely benefit more from the asynchronous global business cycle. Investors should consider rotating out of U.S. large cap into international equities; out of USD high yield bonds into EM local debt; selectively introduce commodities; and remain highly sensitive to bursting market bubbles and be dynamic in the face of them. Investors may also wish to selectively introduce low cost tail hedges into the portfolio."

Cryptocurrencies: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

What is Decred (DCR)? All you need to know
(UTB, by Jide Idowu)

"DCR is the official coin for the Decred’s network. Though not a fork of bitcoin, it aims to be a better cryptocurrency than bitcoin for day-to-day transactions; a faster, and most especially not controlled by a set of people."


First Annual Review of Technical Approaches to Anonymity in Cryptocurrency (Part I)
(Iterative Capital)

"For most people, it is extremely challenging to figure out the identities of the sender/recipients just by looking at these alphnumerical strings. However, Bitcoin transactions are not fully anonymous. With the right tools, it's possible to track down exactly who is moving Bitcoins around; and the tools are constantly improving especically when there is financial incentive for malicious actors."

Electricity consumption of Bitcoin: a market-based and technical analysis
(Marc Bevand)

"To demonstrate real-world profitability of mining, I modeled the income and costs generated by every single machine model released in the last three and a half years in the following CSV files. The model assumes mined bitcoins are sold on a daily basis at the Coindesk BPI, and $0.05/kWh. Some machines have reached their end of life while others continue to mine profitably to this day."

Demystifying Decred - Interesting tech, but who is using it?
(Bitsonline, by Robert DeVoe)

"Basically speaking, every time the Bitcoin network is faced with the need to change or update itself, it’s met with a flurry of opposition, support, and demands for alternatives. Since there is no bitcoin company or foundation that’s leading the development (at least not officially), changes can only occur through mass adoption, and that isn’t always easy."


Storj hires Ben Golub, the former Docker CEO, as its executive chairman and interim CEO. Storj

Cardano George Agapov, breaks down the Cardano Settlement Layer into its 3 main parts: Core, Wallet and Networking. Youtube

Decred is running checklist of planned optimizations & refactors to support efficient multi-peer parallel downloads in DCR. Twitter

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