Week of November 26, 2017

This is part of a series that retraces the growth narrative in the cryptocurrecy asset class in 2016-2018.

Initial Coin Offerings Horrify a Former S.E.C. Regulator
Link: Nathaniel Popper, Nytimes

'Bitcoin has gone parabolic,' and that usually doesn't end well, Art Cashin warns
Link: Berkeley Lovelace Jr., Cnbc

“ICOs Are Absolutely Securities” Says Former SEC Boss Amid Crypto Boom
Link: Jon Buck, Cointelegraph

Hypothetical: US gov makes XMR illegal. Now what?
Link: Cryptoeric, Reddit

Here’s all the money in the world, in one chart
Link: Sue Chang, Market Watch

TechCrunch Founder Arrington Raising $100 Million XRP Fund
Link: Pete Rizzo, Coindesk

On-chain governance is incredibly risky because it robs node operators of their role in blockchain governance.
Link: Vlad Zamfir, Twitter

90% of Crypto Mobile Apps 'In Trouble,' Security Report Claims
Link: Alyssa Hertig, Coindesk

Write your next Ethereum Contract in Pyramid Scheme
Link: Michael Burge, Writer's Website

The Bitcoin ‘Consensus’: Yes It’s a Bubble, Buy It Anyway
Link: Crystal Kim, Barron's

Nasdaq Plans to Launch Bitcoin Futures in First Half 2018

Link: Stephanie Yang, Wsj

Goldman Says the Bitcoin Haters Just Don’t Get It
Link: Susanne Barton, Bloomberg

Fed Vice Chair: Cryptocurrencies Threaten Financial Stability

Link: Nikhilesh De, Coindesk

It Looks Like Nobel Economics Laureates Don't Like Bitcoin

Link: Aaron Eglitis, Bloomberg

Against on-chain governance
Link: Vlad Zamfir, Medium

At some point in the next 3-10 years, Bitcoin exchanges may become so big that they'll be considered "systemically important"
Link: Tuur Demeester, Twitter

YAKINDU Solidity Tools beta released
Link: Andreas Mülder, Medium

US Senate Bill S.1241 to Criminalize Concealed Ownership of Bitcoin
Link: Landon Mutch, Btcmanager

The Anatomy of a Pump & Dump Group
Link: Bruno, Bitfalls

Odd Lots: An MIT Professor Explains His Original Theory for How Markets Really Work
Link: Tracy Alloway, Bloomberg

#consensusinvest talk
Link: Willy Woo, Twitter


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