Week of November 19, 2017

This is part of a series that retraces the growth narrative in the cryptocurrecy asset class in 2016-2018.

Crypto futures are taking off
Link: Maria Terekhova, Business Insider

Tether, a startup that works with bitcoin exchanges, claims a hacker stole $31M
Link: Jon Russell, Tech Crunch

Uber Paid Hackers to Delete Stolen Data on 57 Million People
Link: Eric Newcomer, Bloomberg

The most important thing for non technical users to understand about sidechains
Link: Chris Stewart, Medium

Warning Signs About Another Giant Bitcoin Exchange

Link: Nathaniel Popper, Nytimes

Decentralized Governance Part 1: Defining The Problem

Link: Reflexivity, Medium

US Defense Bill Could Give Big Boost to Blockchain

Link: Aaron Stanley, Coindesk

Bluster as policy
Link: James Wilson, Frontline

Bitcoin Mining in Electric Vehicles Raises Other Questions

Link: Jennifer Sensiba, EcoMotoring News

Bitcoin Case at Kenya’s Milimani Law Courts Sets Precedence
Link: Kenyan WallStreet

Link: Jeff Francis, Bitcoinist

Lei Jun Xiaomi
Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun, China’s Steve Jobs, Linked to Bitcoin Mining

Link: Jon Southurst, Bitsonline


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