Week of January 7, 2018

This is part of a series that retraces the growth narrative in the cryptocurrecy asset class in 2016-2018.

CMC just tumbled the whole market with one move by excluding Korean exchanges from price calculations
Link: Dzigizord, Reddit

NYSE Seeks To Offer Bitcoin-Bound ETFs on Arca Marketplace

Link: Jordan Daniell, Ethnews

China wants an “orderly exit” from bitcoin mining

Link: Zheping Huang, qz.com

The Challenges of Building Ethereum Infrastructure

Link: Jameson Lopp, Medium

Eastman Kodak unveils cryptocurrency, stock doubles

Link: Noel Randewich, Reuters

Lightning Network enables Unicast Transactions in Bitcoin. Lightning is Bitcoin’s TCP/IP stack
Link: Melik Manukyan, Medium

Quebec Lures Cryptocurrency Miners as China Sours on Industry
Link: Aaron Stanley, Coindesk

The bitter brawl over humanity’s future
Link: Adam Rome, Nature.com

Atomic Action: Will 2018 Be the Year of the Cross-Blockchain Swap?

Link: Rachel Rose O'Leary, Coindesk

Prepare for the Next Bear Market in Stocks
Link: Ben Carlson, Bloomberg

I’m so fucking confused about Bitcoin
Link: CryptoMang07, Reddit

Bitcoin: The New Gold?
Link: Crystal Kim, Barrons

IOHK | Charles Hoskinson: Third-Generation Blockchains
Link: Hoskinson, IOHK

U.S. Senate panel to discuss bitcoin with markets regulators -source

Link: Michelle Price, Reuters

ZCash: past, present and future | Ian Miers (JHU and Cornell Tech) | RWC 2018
Link: Real World Crypto, Youtube


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