Week of February 4, 2018

This is part of a series that retraces the growth narrative in the cryptocurrecy asset class from 2016-2018.

Bitcoin has a huge scaling problem—Lightning could be the solution

Link: TIMOTHY B. LEE, arstechnica.com

The Blockchain Token Velocity Problem
Link: Kyle Samani, Coindesk

New York Wants a Piece of the Ever Growing Bitcoin Mining Pie

Link: Avi Mizrahi, news.bitcoin

What data can tell us about finding the best leaders
Link: JPMorgan Chase & Co, qz.com

Comedian Jim Carrey urges people to delete their Facebook accounts and dump the stock
Link: Michelle Castillo, Cnbc

U.S. regulators may ask Congress for virtual currency legislation

Link: Michelle Price, Reuters

The US government is trying to get coordinated in its efforts to regulate bitcoin
Link: Evelyn Cheng, Cnbc

BIS Chief Sees ‘Strong Case’ for Cryptocurrency Intervention

Link: Catherine Bosley, Bloomberg

Inside North Korea’s Hacker Army
Link: Sam Kim, Bloomberg

Ethereum Users Are Losing Money and Devs Don't Quite Know What to Do

Link: Rachel Rose O'Leary, Coindesk

How Two Tiny Volatility Products Helped Fuel the Sudden Stock Slump

Link: Luke Kawa, Bloomberg

RBC detects a fledgling relationship between bitcoin and gold

Link: Stephanie Landsman, Cnbc

Chinese Police Add Facial-Recognition Glasses to Surveillance Arsenal

Link: Josh Chin, Wsj

XIV trader: ‘I’ve lost $4 million, 3 years of work and other people’s money’

Link: Shawn Langlois, marketwatch

Simplicity — A New Language for Blockchains — BPASE '18

Link: Blockstream

Electrum Personal Server alpha release
Link: Chris Belcher, linux foundation


Link: Wilma Woo, Bitcoinist

IOTA: Cannot be used for IoT. Loss of funds may occur.

Link: Andreas Brekken, Medium


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