Week of December 3, 2017

This is part of a series that retraces the growth narrative in the cryptocurrecy asset class in 2016-2018.

Your Crypto Kitty isn’t forever — Why DApps aren’t as decentralized as you think
Link: Luke Zhang, Medium

Battle for ‘True’ Bitcoin Is Just Getting Started
Link: Yuji Nakamura, Bloomberg

Link: Wilma Woo , Bitcoinist

Bitfinex Hires Law Firm to Challenge Critics
Link: Marc Hochstein, Coindesk

Ethereum's blockchain is jamming up because of a new game that lets people buy virtual cats
Link: Frank Chaparro, Business Insider

The Male Obsession With How Near the Singularity Is
Link: John McDermott, Medium

Is It Time to Regulate Bitcoin?
Link: James Mackintosh, Wsj

This Mining Company Soared 159% After Saying It’s Buying a Crypto Firm

Link: Camila Russo, Bloomberg

Traders on a $1 billion cryptocurrency exchange say they can't withdraw money and are left in the dark about why
Link: Oscar Williams-Grut, Business Insider

Trump Team to Slash Budget, Staff at Financial-Data Office
Link: Ryan Tracy, Wsj

Lightning Spec Electrifies Bitcoin with Release Candidate
Link: Christian Decker, Blockstream

Celebrating Lightning Development
Link: Rusty Russell, Medium

Bank of America Wins Patent for Crypto Exchange System

Link: Nikhilesh De, Coindesk

Point by point refutation of misguided disinformation video about how the Lightning Network is a Blockstream conspiracy
Link: Fresheneesz, Reddit

Is Bitcoin Just a Brilliant Wealth Redistribution Scheme?

Link: Valentin Schmid, theepochtimes

Apple's Latest Patent Doesn't Fall Far From The Blockchain Tree

Link: Jeremy Nation, Ethnews

Link: hbasria, github

I am quitting Ethereum Classic.
Link: Dave, web.archive.org

Simplicity and Michelson
Link: Philip Wadler, Iohk.io


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