What Veriblock's architecture says about Bitcoin's long-term incentives

By anchoring its own blockchain state in Bitcoin blocks, the Veriblock protocol hopes to create a secure asset-issuance framework, similar to Counterparty or Omni. While not original in concept, Veriblock's implementation (called Proof-of-proof) has the community wondering if this approach could someday be the basis for a fee-based market for blockchain space. Some Bitcoiners think such a market will be needed to keep miners interested after Bitcoin's coinbase reward goes to zero.

A Healthy Blockspace Market

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A Bitcoin Comparative Advantage

Bitcoin Cash Will Take a Security Hit with Its First Halving
"Of course, the real issue is not where the Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin networks will be relative to each other at the time of the Bitcoin Cash halving. Instead, it is the fact that the Bitcoin Cash block reward will decline by roughly 50% while the Bitcoin block reward remains the same (again, all things being equal) for around 40 days. In other words, the halving could just make an existing problem worse. If someone were to attack the Bitcoin Cash network, next year may turn out to be the perfect time to do it, depending on where the Bitcoin Cash network is relative to Bitcoin at that time."

Trump Says Fed Should Cut Rates and Lift Economy
"'We are facing a worldwide slowdown. You know, recession, arguably,' Mr. Kudlow said. 'Europe is not doing well. Germany itself may be in recession. That troubles us.' Lawrence Summers, a former Treasury secretary under President Bill Clinton and the chairman of the National Economic Council under President Barack Obama, said Mr. Trump’s comments suggested the president’s 'raw, total confusion' on monetary policy. 'The president publicly debating the Fed undermines confidence in our currency and our country,' Mr. Summers said in an interview. 'Easing is probably premature. And if we were going to ease, the right way would be rate cuts, not bond buying.'"

A Deep Dive into LND: Overview and Channel Funding Process
"There are three major implementations of Lightning nodes in active development and several end-user wallets are also working on supporting the protocol. With more and more developers and infrastructure engineers involved in Lightning, it’s no wonder that people want to learn more about how nodes are implemented: whether it's to develop a deeper understanding of how Lightning works, contribute to the open-source efforts behind it or be better prepared to troubleshoot some of the problems that may arise. This is the first of a series of articles focused on LND internals, as part of the research we are doing at Muun to deploy Lightning to our users."

Easiest Way to Access Lightning

Mystery of This Bear Market

AgileX In-Depth: PCIe Gen 5, DDR5, HBM3 and Optane DIMM Support
"As a broad overview, Intel focuses on three main goals for AgileX: high-performance compute capabilities, any-to-any integration, and software. In short, AgileX is based on the Hyperflex 2 architecture built on the 10nm process and delivers 20 TFLOPS of single-precision performance. Intel is also using EMIB to connect any chiplet tile and any process node to the FPGA. That allows the company to tune and highly personalize the FPGA to the needs of each customer. Finally, Intel wants to make FPGAs accessible to all software developers with its OneAPI programming interface."


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