As market oscillates, mainstream investors begin eyeing Bitcoin

News & Commentary

Bitcoin exchanges are stepping up their game to lure high-speed traders like Virtu and Citadel
(Business Insider, by Frank Chaparro)

"Some crypto exchanges are rolling out new liquidity programs and considering co-location and other market structure developments, according to executives."

Huawei poised to give Chinese users easier access to Bitcoin
(Bloomberg, by Camila Russo)

"The move will likely have the most impact in the Chinese market, where Huawei is the biggest mobile phone seller. The nation has been a hotbed for cryptocurrencies. The Chinese government blocks Android’s Google Play Store and some sections of Apple’s iTunes, limiting access to apps like’s. While China has shut down cryptocurrency trading platforms and initial coin offerings, people can still own virtual currencies."

US digital currency
(Sam Altman)

"A tricky part of this would be how to balance letting the network have control over itself and letting the government have some special degree of input on ‘monetary policy’. It’s certainly ok for the government to have some, but I think the network needs to be mostly in charge (e.g., the government couldn’t be allowed to arbitrarily inflate the currency when it wanted to)."

Technical & Updates

Obelisk Update: January-May 2018
(Zach Herbert)

"We are on track to ship by June 30, but we will not be shipping early. Candidly, we will be cutting it very close. There is a good chance that Batch 1 units get delayed 1–2 weeks. We will keep you closely updated throughout the process and give ample notification — and explanation — of any production delays."

'Ideology is as important as the technology behind it'-an interview with Riccardo Spagni from Monero

Golem(GNT): the bigger they are, the harder they fall-a deeper dive into the AirBnB of computers
(Hackernoon, by Pete Humiston)

"Golem is the world’s first open source, decentralized supercomputer that will offer high computational power and services to global users and businesses. The Golem network allows users (providers) to sell idle computational power to consumers (requestors) to process tasks and power applications."

How to run a blockchain on a deserted island with pen and paper
(Hackernoon, by Tal Kol)

"We’ll start with what is probably the simplest blockchain implementation for our island use case. In future posts we can explore other implementations and tie them to concepts like Proof of Work and Proof of Stake — this will help us see their benefits and drawbacks. But for now, let’s start as simple as it gets."

Did Google Duplex just pass the Turing Test
(Lance Ulanoff)

"It was easily the most remarkable human-computer conversation I’d ever heard and the closest thing I’ve seen a voice AI passing the Turing Test, which is the AI threshold suggested by Computer Scientist Alan Turing in the 1950s. Turing posited that by 2000 computers would be able to fool humans into thinking they were conversing with other humans at least 30% of the time."


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