ICE Readies Bitcoin Price Data Feed from 15 Exchanges

Thursday, January 18, 2018


This Week’s Bitcoin Crash Was All About Fraud and Regulation (Verge)

"A historic lack of regulation likely contributed to the current bitcoin bubble by facilitating market manipulation and duplicitous trading practices. Even as bitcoin became a household name in 2017, such practices remained common."

What’s Bitcoin Worth? A New Plan to Bring Discipline to Crypto Prices (WSJ)

"Intercontinental Exchange Inc., or ICE, said Thursday that it was joining with startup Blockstream to launch a data feed that would pull information from more than 15 cryptocurrency exchanges around the world and deliver it to financial firms."


Hackers Have Walked Off With About 14% of Big Digital Currencies (Bloomberg)

"In less than a decade, hackers have stolen $1.2 billion worth of Bitcoin and rival currency Ether, according to Lex Sokolin, global director of fintech strategy at Autonomous Research LLP. Given the currencies’ explosive surge at the end of 2017, the cost in today’s money is much higher."

How to Tame the Tech Titans (The Economist)

"In the past, societies have tackled monopolies either by breaking them up, as with Standard Oil in 1911, or by regulating them as a public utility, as with AT&T in 1913. Today both those approaches have big drawbacks. The traditional tools of utilities regulation, such as price controls and profit caps, are hard to apply."


Why is it Difficult for the FBI to Break Into Smartphones? (ACM)

"Smartphones employ end-to-end encryption, which uses public key encryption to make sure that no party—you, a tech company, or someone you're contacting—possesses the cryptographic keys that will unlock your data. This means the Apples of the world could not give the FBI the keys to unlocking your phone even if they wanted to do so."

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Network Updates

Zencash Added to REVEX.CO, allowing users to give feedback about ZenCash.

Vertcoin Interview with lead developer James Lovejoy: “Why not Proof of Stake? With Proof of Work you do not need permission to verify txs and reap tx fees. With PoS you need to acquire coins from existing holders first. PoW allows Vertcoin to remain an open system.” Youtube

Cardano Whiteboard session from Dionysis Zindros of IOHK, on the importance of side-chains as a key component of third generation blockchains. Youtube

Peercoin Indicium is the first DAC that will run on top of the Peercoin blockchain using the newly developed Peer Assets protocol. It will provide crypto index funds. Twitter

Developers of Peercoin are working on a wallet generator for PPC that will enable creation of PPC addresses in seconds, even offline. Twitter


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