Internet infrastructure is not as secure as you think

Technical & Updates

Hijack of Amazon's internet domain service used to reroute web traffic for two hours unnoticed
(Doublepulsar, by Kevin Beaumont)

"The security vulnerabilities in BGP and DNS are well known, and have been attacked before. This is the largest scale attack I have seen which combines both, and it underscores the fragility of internet security."

Observation on industry-specific malware trend

The three models of digital identity relationships

"Self-sovereign identity SSI) is a two-party relationship model, with no third party coming between you and the organization, now considered your 'peer.'"

Bitcoin Q&A: wallet design and mass adoption

Analysis of Casper PoW reward reduction

Commentary on Hashgraph

TSMC kicks off volume production of 7nm chips
(Anandtech, by Anton Shilov)

"The 7 nm node is a big deal for the foundry industry in general and TSMC in particular. When compared to the CLN16FF+ technology (TSMC’s most widely used FinFET process technology) the CLN7FF will enable chip designers to shrink their die sizes by 70% (at the same transistor count), drop power consumption by 60%, or increase frequency by 30% (at the same complexity). So far, TSMC has taped out 18 customer products using the CLN7FF technology, more than 50 CLN7FF products will be taped out by the end of 2018."

News & Commentary

Excellent debate on whether Ethereum is a security

Commentary on the marketing issues of stablecoins

The genesis files: how David Chaum's eCash spawned a cypherpunk dream
(Bitcoin Magazine, by Aaron van Wirdum)

"DigiCash failed, and eCash failed with it. But even though the technology did not succeed as a business, Chaum’s work would inspire a group of cryptographers, hackers and activists, connected through a mailing list. It was this group — which included DigiCash contributors like Nick Szabo and Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn — that would come to be known as the cypherpunks."

Crypto billionaire sued by Sequoia after funding deal goes awry
(Bloomberg, by Benjamin Robertson)

"He has said Binance is conservatively valued at about $3 billion and that the company earned $200 million in its second quarter of existence, while declining to share the exchange’s financial statements or provide proof of his personal wealth. Zhao keeps the locations of Binance’s offices and servers secret, though he has previously said that the exchange is based in Hong Kong. Last month, Zhao announced that Binance was setting up operations on the European island nation of Malta."


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