The global economic growth is too reliant on easy monetary policy, says IMF

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South Korea Announces Deadline for Halt of Anonymous Crypto Trading (CoinDesk, by Wolfie Zhao)

"According to a new announcement from the Financial Services Commission (FSC), starting from Jan. 30, cryptocurrency investors in South Korea will have to use real-name bank accounts in order to continue trading." and Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital Announce Joint Venture for New $325 Million EOS.IO Fund (Global Newswire)

"As part of the new relationship, and Galaxy Digital will deploy capital for future investments through the capitalization of a new $325 million EOS.IO Ecosystem Fund."


IMF Sees a Global Boom That’s Overly Dependent on Easy Money (WSJ, by Greg Ip)

"The world is enjoying its broadest, strongest growth in years, and everyone has an explanation, from the U.S. tax cut to the recovery in oil prices.But for the International Monetary Fund, the answer is rather simple and disturbing: easy monetary policy."

2018 Outlook: (Un)steady As She Goes (Goldman Sachs)

"We provide data and analysis on the long list of concerns that could derails our base case, including war with North Korea, major disruptions in the Middle East, and a cyberattack on US infrastructure. We touch on the manic prices in cryptocurrencies and crypto-affliated stocks."

Atomic Swaps, Decentralised Exchange and Community with Decred (The Block, by Colm Habblethwaite)

"Decred completed the first on-chain atomic swap, between Decred and Litecoin, on 1 October 2017. The first off-chain atomic swap was between Bitcoin and Litecoin, and took place the following month. The real power of the atomic swap comes from the complete removal of a trusted third part from their process of exchange between two participants. Up until this point, cryptocurrency swaps still required a trusted third party, such as an exchange, in order to guarantee that both parties receive the agreed assets."

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency May Soon Underpin Cloud Storage (Computerworld, by Lucas Mearian)

"Storj uses blockchain to track digital 'farmers' who, similar to Bitcoin miners, have signed on to allow an application to share excess network and storage capacity on their computers or servers. The blockchain electronic distributed ledger is also used to pay farmers in cryptocurrency – digital tokens whose worth has grown 240 times since launching in 2014."


Taproot: Privacy Preserving Switchable Scripting (Linux Foundation, by Greg Maxwell)

"I believe this construction will allow the largest possible anonymity set for fixed party smart contracts by making them look like the simplest possible payments. It accomplishes this without any overhead in the common case, invoking any sketchy or impractical techniques, requiring extra rounds of interaction between contract participants, and without requiring the durable storage of other data."

Malicious Online IOTA Seed Generators Allow Hackers to Steal a Massive Haul of Tokens (BTCManager, by Ogwu Osaemezu Emmanuel)

"A user is required to provide a string of 81 characters that acts as a key to access the wallet.There are many other ways to generate the character strings via offline resources, like creating a key using Linux or Mac terminals. However, the process is quite complicated to follow.These complexities have made IOTA holders to use online seed generator websites that quite quickly does the job of generating the string of characters usable as seeds for IOTA wallets."

Key Aggregation for Schnorr Signatures (Blockstream, by Peter Wuille)

"It turns out that there are multiple existing multi-signatures schemes that effectively give us key aggregation for Schnorr signatures already, but they come with some caveats like needing to verify that participants actually have the private key corresponding to the public keys they claim to have. Security in the plain public-key model means that no such caveats exist."


Bitcoin Latest update on Lightning Network shows there are 127 nodes on mainnet, 1.74 BTC capacity, and 303 Sat/B per 1-2 blocks. Twitter

Monero New Point-of-Sale solution on Testnet processes payments almost instaneously Twitter


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