Robinhood brokerage to offer cryptocurrencies next month; world leaders at Davos blubber about criminal usage

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Online brokerage Robinhood will offer Bitcoin and Ethereum trading in February (Forbes, by Jonathan Ponciano)

"When Robinhood Crypto initiates trading next month, it’ll bring to its launch the zero-commission trading structure that the broader Robinhood platform offers. From a fee perspective, Bhatt says today’s cryptocurrencies have become too expensive, and he hopes the firm’s pricing structure will systematically drive down associated costs for consumers in the industry."

May, Lagarde, Mnuchin: world leaders are talking cryptos at Davos (CoinDesk, by Nikhilesh De)

"Lagarde predicted that national governments are likely to further regulate cryptocurrencies to prevent these use cases. Perhaps proving Largarde's point, U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May told Bloomberg that cryptocurrencies should be looked at due to how they are used 'particularly by criminals.'"

Will justice be served? Bitcoin trading platform Bitconnect sued by six investors who lost over $700k (Bitcoinist, by Samuel Rae)

"Interestingly, the suit also names some of the promotional channels and affiliates associated with the company as defendants in the suit, suggesting that the investors aren’t just seeking compensation from the core company but also from those who sought to lure them in through their various methods of promotional activity."


Ripple wants XRP to be Bitcoin for banks. If only the banks wanted it (Bloomberg, by Matthew Leising and Edward Robinson)

"The problem is that banks say they have no interest in using XRP. Current and former executives at seven global banks—some of whom have partnered with Ripple—say there was scant chance they would ever entrust their corporate clients’ payments to a cryptocurrency. The executives requested anonymity."

A global convergence of economic conditions is driving the market melt-up (Bloomberg, by Sid Verma)

"Investors appear to agree. American corporate bond spreads are at 2007 lows, 10-year U.S. Treasuries are at levels last notched in summer 2014, and developing-country stock, currency and credit markets are on a tear."

The dark side of America's rise to oil superpower (Bloomberg, by Javier Blas)

"With demand rising despite the emergence of renewables and the development of electric vehicles, shale may struggle to keep pace with global consumption. There’s a chance the world will witness that rarest of market loop-de-loops—high oil prices as well as rising U.S. production."


The Lightning Network (BitMEX Research)

"The Lightning Network represents an improvement in efficiency and uses a more logical payment network structure. Instead of broadcasting a transaction to everyone, the transaction can be sent more directly to the payment recipient. Only when parties to the transaction are dishonest, does one need to resort to the cumbersome process, which distributed censorship-resistant systems require to maintain consensus."


Sia responds to the Sia Community and Bitmain with the decision not to pursue a soft-fork.They believe that doing so before Bitmain has attacked their network would be a centralized, monopolistic move, rather than a proactive, protecting measure. Sia

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