Researchers discover 34,200 buggy ETH contracts; over $6 million USD up for grabs

An academic project entitled Finding The Greedy, Prodigal, and Suicidal Contracts at Scale screened the vulnerabilities of Ethereum smart contracts at scale. They found a few--story below.


Millions of dollars in Ethereum are vulnerable to hackers right now
(Motherboard, by Jordan Pearson)

"Now, researchers say they’ve devised a new approach for finding vulnerabilities in smart contracts that would have exposed the flaw DevOps199 exploited before it was too late. Even more, the researchers say they’ve discovered an additional 34,200 vulnerable smart contracts. A sample of roughly 3,000 vulnerable contracts that the team verified could be exploited to steal roughly $6 million worth of ether, Ethereum’s in-house cryptocurrency, they said."

Robinhood Crypto trading is here
(Robinhood Blog)

"We are gradually rolling out access to Robinhood customers residing in California, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, and New Hampshire, and look forward to releasing crypto trading functionality in many more states later."

The next Petro? Iranian minister reveals cryptocurrency plans
(CoinDesk, by Annaliese Milano)

"It remains to be seen how the Iranian project would, if realized, operate. If executed under the auspices of the Central Bank of Iran, the project would represent the latest effort to create a state-backed digital currency by an institution of that kind."

SEC adopts statement and interpretive guidance on public company cybersecurity disclosures
(SEC Press Release)

"Yesterday, the Securities and Exchange Commission voted unanimously to approve a statement and interpretive guidance to assist public companies in preparing disclosures about cybersecurity risks and incidents."


IOTA: the brave little toaster that couldn't
(Github, by Casey Rodarmor)

"In this article I attempt to summarize the numerous technical, social, and ethical problems surrounding the IOTA project, The IOTA Foundation, and the IOTA developers."

Impediments with policy interventions to foster cybersecurity
(Communications of ACM, by Fred B.Schneider)

"However, a considerable distance must be traversed from declaring that government interventions are needed to deciding particulars for those interventions, much less intervening."

Computational Social Science ≠ Computer Science + Social Data
(Communications of ACM, by Hannah Wallach)

"These different goals—prediction and explanation—lead to very different modeling approaches. In many prediction tasks, causality plays no role. The emphasis is firmly on predictive accuracy. In other words, we do not care why a model makes good predictions; we just care that it does. As a result, models for prediction seldom need to be interpretable. "

What Campbell's Soup is tells us about the economy
(Bloomberg, by Connor Sen)

"Investors and economists dutifully track the monthly economic data, but there’s something to be said for seeing how actual companies are experiencing changes in prices and wages. Consumer-goods and food-service businesses are great candidates, because they’re among the most sensitive and they happen to be in the midst of reporting earnings."


Bitcoin developer Peter Wuille comments on Bulletproof vs. STARKs

Cryptographer discusses the subtle challenges in crypto

Service providers are taking advantage of the low fees to consolidate UTXOs

Tools & Tutorials

Decred Stat Aggregator Website tracking Decred network statistics.


Bitcoin transaction fee has reached all-time-low.

Sia announces SiaFund token sale. Sia Blog

Zcash trading is live on Coinome. Coincrunch

Cardano publishes IOHK'w Weekly Report. Update includes the new Daedalus log submission, which improves wallet functionality by allowing users to send bug reports directly from Daedalus to the suppport team. Cardanohub

Monero publishes Ledger Hardware Wallet integration update. Twitter

Decred privacy primitives are done and integration has started, according to Decred System Lead. Twitter

Particl announces plan to integrate Bulletproof into their CT and RingCT protocols. Twitter

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