Over $400M has been stolen during the ICO boom, says EY

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More than 10 percent of $3.7 billion raised in ICOs has been stolen: Ernst & Young (Reuter)

"The professional services firm analyzed more than 372 ICOs, in which new digital currencies are distributed to buyers, and found that roughly $400 million of the total $3.7 billion funds raised to date had been stolen."

Amid Shortage, Nvidia Suggests Limit on Graphics Card Orders (PC Magazine)
“At some point, graphics card prices will reach a new level of normalcy, and we're not there yet. Prices will have to come down, because even miners can't justify paying the current rates. That is, unless Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies resume their upward momentum, but every exponential growth curve eventually ends”


In the beginning, Satoshi created Bitcoin (Vertcoin)

“The solution to the centralization of mining power we saw in Bitcoin wasn’t necessarily just a software solution. We realized that there will always be people trying to undermine the system in order to chase profits. Even if we look 10 years into the future, when ASICs are potentially a thing of the past, something else will come along to endanger the network.”

Jerome Powell’s Challenge at the Fed: Keep the Economy Humming (WSJ)
“Janet Yellen’s progress in easing the Federal Reserve away from ultralow interest rates and paring its portfolio of bonds leaves a big challenge for her successor, Jerome Powell: how to keep the U.S. economy right where it is.”

The Daily Prophet: Traders Ignore the Fine Print in IMF Report (Bloomberg)

“On the same day that the International Monetary Fund raised its forecast for world economic growth to 3.9 percent this year, which would be the strongest expansion since 2011, global stocks hit another high. While the more optimistic outlook helps ratify the recent gains, stronger growth doesn’t ensure further appreciation in equities.”


Bitmain is buying 20k 16nm wafers from TSMC per month (DarkVision Hardware)

“Bitmain, the largest Bitcoin miner on the planet, is now buying a whopping 20,000 16nm wafers a month from TSMC! That's double as much as in the previous quarter and a higher volume than what NVIDIA orders from TSMC.”

Opera Mini and Mobile Now Block Cryptocurrency-Mining Scripts (Android Police)

“Opera today announced that it is adding crypto-jacking protection to Opera Mini and Mobile for Android, as part of the browsers' ad-blocking feature. Put simply, it will block known crypto scripts from starting, keeping your phone fast and responsive.”


SiaCoin An update on the Block 139,000 hardfork. Reddit

Decred DCR atomic swap now supports added for: BCH, MONA, and VIA. Github

Zencash The Arizona Wallet v1.1.3 has been released. The fixes involve importing and exporting your private keys. Github

Interview of Zen and IOHK Partner on R&D Youtube

Storj Announced Storj is now limiting the number of new users on the network while we update the architecture to improve scalability from pedabyte to the exabyte range. Twitter

Cardano A visualization of Github contributions. Youtube


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