Taking stock of the lies bankers tell about Bitcoin

High-gloss marketing about "blockchain" too often serves as source material for news media, making it hard to tell which narrative to follow.

News & Commentary

The lies bankers spread about cryptocurrencies
(Chris Skinner)

"Now, the concern may be that cryptocurrencies offers the opportunity to launder funds. This is possibly true and is why I said there is some criminal activity with some cryptocurrencies which is tiny today, but might grow over time. Even then, it is speculative and too early to call. For example, that paragraph from The Times is factually incorrect, as bitcoin is not anonymous."

A good article on Bitcoin and central banks can be found here.

Commentary on the economic model of internet

How to delete your Facebook & scrub your data
(Gadget Hack, by Jake Peterson)

"Now, they say nothing on the internet can be erased, but besides the odd message here and there kept by your Facebook friends, your data will be destroyed if you delete your account. Facebook claims they delay deletion request a few days, so if you log back in during that time your account will be saved."

Marco Santori on OFAC adding Bitcoin addresses to sanction lists

Technical & Updates

Google is working on its own blockchain technology
(Bloomberg, by Olga Kharif and Mark Bergen)

"Other Google insiders said recently that the cloud business is a natural place for blockchain-related services. The people asked not to be identified talking about the subject because the company isn’t ready to make an announcement yet. A Google spokesman declined to comment."

The dilemmas of a decentralized currency
(Noah Pierau)

"In a decentralized project such as Decred, ultimately the community decides which perspective prevails. Sometimes the stakeholder view dominates and sometimes the trader view wins. How do the stewards of the project decide to pick one point of view over the other?"

Decred is now listed on oooBTC, a Singaporean exchange. Twitter

An analysis of Zcash governance
(Derek Hsue)

"The reasoning was that experimental technologies require rapid innovation, and a traditional startup is the best way to bring the necessary focus and agility to the project."

Zcash SPV library is now open-source.

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