A Central American government discovers Bitcoin mining can be a healthy part of its energy industry

Cryptocurrency mining is one of few activities that can take advantage of stranded and under-utilized energy assets.

Bitfury Partners to Launch Bitcoin Mining Centers in Paraguay
"The collaboration is a part of Commons Foundation’s Golden Goose project, backed by the government of Paraguay, which aims to establish the area as world’s largest crypto mining center given the country’s ample supply of cheap and clean electricity. Paraguay currently only utilizes roughly half of the electricity produced by the two plants, according to Bitfury."

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Intel’s discrete GPU could offer photorealistic graphics, teaser video hints
"The graphics card market might currently be dominated by AMD and Nvidia, but as the supposed 2020 release date for its own modern discrete GPU approaches, Intel is continuing to hype its incoming offerings to gamers. In its latest PR move, the company pushed out a Twitter video on January 29 which, in part, teases photorealistic graphics as part of its future goals."

RFP: Decred Decentralized Exchange Infrastructure
"This proposal describes a new type of cryptocurrency-only decentralized exchange based on open source software that will allow cross-chain trading to occur directly between users, with minimal fees and a simple client-server architecture. Market and limit orders on the server will be matched pseudorandomly within epochs, to reduce incentives to frontrun order flow. Misbehavior on part of the server or clients will be recorded in one or more Politeia instances that store cryptographic proof of the reported misbehavior."

EOS, Tron Lure Betting Crowd to Decentralized Applications
"While Ethereum alone transacted over $7.6Bn on-chain for Decentralized Applications (Dapps) in 2018, largely coming from Decenetralized exchanges (DEX), adoption has been dwarfed by rival platforms. EOS and Tron Dapps now account for 94% of US Dollar volume across the three major blockchains having won over gamblers."

BitcoinSV ‘feature’ exploited to store child abuse imagery on the blockchain
"A change to the Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV) protocol has inadvertently led to child exploitation material being posted to its blockchain, forcing apps and block explorers into actively monitoring the network for illegal content. This was made possible after community members increased the amount of data accepted in transactions by 450 times (to 100KB), allowing for images, video, and audio to be stored in BSV’s blockchain."

Would you let Google run your city?
"Sidewalk was naive to be surprised by the level of disquiet provoked by its plans for Quayside. People rarely like to be used as lab rats for corporate experiments—especially ones run by corporations as omniscient as Google. Matters were not helped by the global wave of anxiety about the power of the tech giants and misuse of their platforms that has followed the recent scandals over Cambridge Analytica, Russian trolls, alt-right activists and Macedonian teenagers pumping out fake news."

Lightning Network Bootstrapping

SIM Swapping is On the Rise. Here's How to Protect Your Wallet
"In order to successfully carry out a SIM swapping scam (also known as SIM porting, or SIM hijacking), a person has to know their target’s phone number. Next, they must contact the target’s wireless carrier to redirect that number to a SIM card belonging to the swapper. The swapper is then able to impersonate the victim by calling and texting from the victim’s number, which also gives the swapper power to reset the victim’s passwords. This can be especially concerning when it comes to two-factor authentication, a commonly used security measure for safeguarding crypto wallets and, well, all kinds of things. "

The Cost of Dirty Money
"Since the financial crisis, dozens of crackdowns have targeted money launderers who effectively rely on banks, shell companies, and other mechanisms to cover their tracks. Fines have surged into the billions of dollars, but it’s unclear whether the enforcement efforts—some of the more notable ones are described here—have made much of a dent. According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, shady transactions continue to reach as much as $2 trillion a year."

Typhon: trustless Bitcoin sidechain protocol
"Typhon is Bitcoin second-layer technology – the same kind as the Lightning network. You can think of it as of massively-scalable multiparty payment channels. The protocol defines the process of sidechain formation and operations on top of the main Bitcoin blockchain. It is censorship-resistant, permissionless and agnostic to the particular consensus and blockchain formation protocol used by sidechain implementations."

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