In an unintentional nod to open source, News Corp CEO suggests "Algorithmic Review Board" for Facebook and Google

In a quarterly investor call today, News Corp CEO Robert Thomson recommended that Facebook and other social media distribution networks should be open to audit, so that publishers can evaluate whether their content is being unfairly demoted in search and algorithmic news filtering.

“These algorithms are already potent, but they are destined to be much more formidable, and their abundant potential to skew news and skewer customers needs to be better understood and monitored,” Thomson said. “And an Algorithm Review Board, or ARB, would be particularly useful in the oversight of companies, which have horizontal dominance, and use that leverage to dominate a vertical, such as Amazon with audiobooks and, potentially, Facebook with dating.”

News Corp has filed regulatory actions against Facebook, Google, and Apple in Austrailian courts, arguing that the companies' software exerts a "strong influence" over the way readers discover their content.



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