Mastercard wants to hold your vital docs in a "data collage" to generate a "digital ID"

What could go wrong?

Mastercard Wades Into Murky Waters With Its New Digital ID
"Access to robust identification is an uncontroversial idea in theory, but it is extremely difficult to provide in practice. And privacy advocates have warned that there are many ways for even the most well-intentioned digital identity schemes to turn into dangerous and invasive surveillance apparatuses. And these types of platforms need to be extensively and independently vetted to ensure their security."

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The First ICO, Mastercoin

Lyft’s Tumbling Stock Is a Worrying Sign for Other Unicorns
"Lyft Inc. fell below its initial public offering price of $72 a share on its second day of trading, an ominous sign for the stampede of unicorn companies planning to follow the ride-hailing business to the stock markets this year. The IPO has become a sort of test case, not just for Lyft or rival Uber Technologies Inc., but for a glut of highly valued startups like Pinterest Inc., Postmates Inc. and Slack Technologies Inc. that have signaled plans to list this year."

Issue 13 — Mar 15 — Mar 31 2019
"17 completed proposal votes is not a large enough sample to reach any firm conclusions. Around 55% tickets that have been eligible for at least 1 proposal have never voted. Of the tickets that have ever voted 43% always vote when they are eligible. Within the voting period, 48% of all the votes were cast in the first 2.5 days, then there is a lull for 2.5 days where only 14% were cast, then a more active final interval where 38% were cast. 14 tickets that have voted on every one of the 17 proposals that has finished voting so far. Proposals that are closer to the 60% approval threshold after 5 days see more voting in the final 2 days than proposals which are less controversial and already have a wide margin."

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Banking News in March

Hackers Steal $19 Million From Bithumb Cryptocurrency Exchange
"According to Primitive Ventures' Dovey Wan, who first broke the information on social media, hackers managed to compromise a number of Bithumb's hot EOS and XRP wallets and transferred around 3 million EOS (~ $13 million) and 20 million XRP (~ $6 million) to his newly-created accounts. The hacker then distributedly transferred the stolen digital assets to his different accounts created on other cryptocurrency exchanges, including Huobi, HitBTC, WB, and EXmo, via ChangeNow, a non-custodial crypto swap platform does not require KYC/account."

Daily transaction volume for Tether sees all-time high
"Tether (USDT), the controversial stablecoin issued by Tether Limited, has experienced its highest daily volume since first being issued in 2015. According to data from, on March 31, 2019, there were 38,150 USDT transactions processed. "

With Bithumb hack, total stolen from crypto exchanges tops $1.3 billion — here are the 10 biggest hacks ever
"Of the total $1.3 billion hacked, approximately 61% was taken in 2018. Here's a chart showing the growth in the number of hacked funds via research from our colleague Larry Cermak:"

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