Inside Samsung's new crypto-friendly phone

Hodlers were skeptical at first, due to Samsung's vague marketing language, but it appears that the S10's hardware-enabled wallet does indeed support Bitcoin and Ethereum out of the box. The bad news: your keys are backed up to Samsung's servers; whether there's any way to disable the backup feature is unclear.

Hands-On Preview of Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Phone Reveals New Crypto Details
"According to the app’s terms and conditions, the Blockchain Keystore generates and stores a private key based on blockchain technology in a secure enclave built into the device. It can securely sign and store cryptocurrency transactions using blockchain. The term 'devices' refers to mobile devices developed by Samsung Electronics such as smart phones and tablets, according to the T&Cs."

Blockchain Tutorials on Samsung Phones

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Mark Zuckerberg said he doesn't want 'a camera in everyone’s living room,' but seemed to forget that Facebook sells a camera that goes in living rooms
"'We definitely don't want a society where there's a camera in everyone's living room watching the content of those conversations,' Zuckerberg said during the interview, which made good on his New Year's resolution to hold more open dialogues about the intersection of tech and society. There's one problem, though — Facebook literally sells a camera that goes into people's living rooms.. In October, Facebook launched Portal, a video-calling device that's also equipped with the Amazon Alexa voice assistant. Portal is Facebook's first consumer hardware gadget, and starts out at $199."

Google says it put hidden microphone in home alarm system and didn't tell customers
"The Nest Secure alarm system did not include the microphone as part of its specifications but it was 'never intended to be a secret', parent company Google said. The hardware feature came to light after Google announced a software update to the Nest Secure system would enable it to use its voice-activated helper, Google Assistant, which is powered by artificial intelligence to answer queries and commands. Until then, the product web page for the device did not say it contained a microphone. It has since been updated."

Will This Vulnerability Finally Compel Bitmain to Open Source Its Firmware?
"A few weeks ago, Bitcoin Core contributor James Hilliard discovered an exploit in Bitmain’s S15 firmware. The pseudonymous Twitter user 00whiterabbit, also known simply as 'john,' subsequently wrote exploit code based on Hilliard’s findings. A video proving that the exploit code worked was shared on Hilliard’s Twitter account last week. Hilliard is offering to disclose the vulnerability to Bitmain but under one condition: Bitmain would have to comply to the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL), the popular open source license that the Chinese mining giant is currently breaching, and open source its firmware. 'Bitmain firmware is very buggy in general,' Hilliard told Bitcoin Magazine, 'and it's important for the health of the Bitcoin network that users be able to fix the bugs Bitmain introduces.'"

Brazil’s BTG Pactual Is Latest Bank to Embrace Crypto Assets
"Banco BTG Pactual SA, Latin America’s biggest standalone investment bank, is joining the world of crypto assets with its own security token. BTG plans to raise as much as $15 million through an initial offering for a token called ReitBZ that will be backed by distressed real estate assets in Brazil, Gustavo Roxo, the bank’s chief technology officer, said in an interview. The token will based on blockchain technology, the decentralized public ledger of transactions."

Thailand Green Lights Issuance and Trading of Blockchain Securities
"The Thai government is moving to allow blockchain-based securities to be issued and traded in the country. According to a report from Bangkok Post on Friday, Thailand’s National Legislative Assembly has approved an amendment to the Securities and Exchange Act legalizing the issuance of tokenized securities such as stocks and bonds."

A European exchange giant is gearing up to jump on the crypto futures bandwagon
"Eurex, a derivatives exchange operated by Germany’s Deutsche Börse, is gearing up to launch a slew of new futures contracts tied to the digital asset market. The firm follows a number of U.S.-based exchange-operators, including CME and Cboe Global Markets, both of which launched bitcoin futures markets in December 2017. Several people familiar with Eurex’s plans say the firm will announce its plans to launch futures tied to bitcoin, ether, and XRP imminently."

Crypto-currencies gaining popularity in Kenya
"Tony Mwongera, the chief executive of Healthland Spa in Nairobi, began accepting Bitcoin payments in 2018. 'I decided to adopt the use of crypto-currencies because there was so much theft in my business,' he told the BBC. 'So I said, let me use a way that can be safe, secure and I can also embrace technology.'"

ATM Hacking Has Gotten So Easy, the Malware's a Game
"As detailed by Kaspersky Lab, so-called WinPot malware afflicts what the security researchers describe only as a 'popular' ATM brand. To install WinPot, a hacker needs either physical or network access to a machine; if you cut a hole in the right spot, it's easy enough to plug into a serial port. Once activated, the malware replaces the ATM's standard display with four buttons labeled 'SPIN'—one for each cassette, the cash-dispensing containers within an ATM. Below each of those buttons, it shows the number of bank notes within each given cassette, as well as the total values. Tap SPIN, and out comes the money. Tap STOP, and well, you know. (But at that point, ATM cyberthief, why would you?)"

My friend bought me a sandwich at a stall and I paid him back via venmo... This is the email I got an hour later...

My friend bought me a sandwich at a stall and I paid him back via venmo... This is the email I got an hour later... from r/Bitcoin


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