Fake Trezors, fake signatures, fake... bottom?

Today we're talking about fakes, literal and metaphorical. Near-exact replicas of the Trezor hardware wallet have been found online, with their private keys compromised. And Dr. Craig Wright's fake digital signature has resurfaced as he reinvigorates his claims to being Satoshi Nakamoto. The cryptocurrency markets dipped again today, further erasing another $20 billion in marketcap, but the word on the street is this bottom is a false one, and that prices are headed lower. But perhaps the most important piece to note today: Coindesk's interviews with engineers who've given up their jobs at fake innovators like Google and Facebook to work on cryptocurrency full time.

PSA: Non-genuine Trezor One devices spotted. Be careful, buy only from Trezor Shop or authorized resellers.
"“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” — you have probably heard this proverb before. We have experienced it first-hand, as Trezor clones have been released over the years of our activity. However, in recent weeks, we have discovered something more startling. A one-to-one copy of Trezor One. In other words, a fake Trezor device, manufactured by a different, unknown vendor."

Faketoshi’s Nonsense Signature
"There’s a reason Faketoshi refused to use the normal sign/verify protocol built into many Bitcoin wallets. The reason was to try to deceive people with trickery. If a signature is not signing an intelligible message, it is a scam, nothing more."

Is the bottom in for Bitcoin? Probably not but we’re finally getting close!
"Bringing up the 2014 comparison again- in 2014 the peak to trough decline was 85% range while in the current bear market we’re closer to 75% peak to trough decline. We are not looking for the exact same decline but use this more as a sanity check. So if we do apply the 85% peak to trough decline decline to 2018 we get BTC bottoming in the $3K range, significant downside from."

Ravencoin — KAAAWWW!
"The goal of messaging is to allow token issuers a way to notify their token holders without knowing who they are. By design, the messaging in Ravencoin is not private. It could be a vote, a notification, a thank you, an opportunity, or a request. I don’t know exactly how this platform will be used. I’m continually surprised at the creativity and ingenuity of Ravencoin users."

Practical Smart Contract Security Analysis and Exploitation— Part 1
"Mythril Classic’s Ether Thief and Suicide modules detect security bugs that allow attackers to steal from, and even kill, poor innocent smart contracts. When the--verbose-report flag is added, Mythril will output the input transaction(s) needed to trigger each bug detected. Increasing transaction count helps Mythril detect more bugs but also increases execution time exponentially."

This Company Is Helping Build China’s Panopticon. It Won’t Stop There
"As it expands abroad, China’s SenseTime, valued at more than $4.5 billion, says it isn’t in a position to ponder some of the dilemmas keeping other AI pioneers up at night."

Switzerland gets ready for QR bill payments
"The QR-bill will contain a digitally readable QR code holding all the data for a payment, streamlining the processing of bills and credit transfers for companies, government bodies, non-profits and consumers."

7 Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google Staffers That Went Full Crypto
"Each of the people on this list turned their back on the secure life at a tech giant, the most powerful companies in today’s economy, to take a chance on a new sector built on money native to the internet and decentralized data structures."

How This All Happened
"But a central theme of this story is that expectations move slower than reality on the ground. That was true when people clung to 1950s expectations as the economy changed over the next 35 years. And even if a middle-class boom began today, expectations that the odds are stacked against everyone but those at the top may stick around. So the era of “This isnt working” may stick around. And the era of “We need something radically new, right now, whatever it is” may stick around."


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