Even as cryptocurrency prices drop, blockchain jobs seem to grow

IBM currently shows over 270 blockchain-related jobs on Glassdoor.com. But another top hirer, ConsenSys, recently laid off 13 percent of its workforce, suggesting that employment stats may merely be a lagging indicator.

Blockchain Developer Role Tops LinkedIn’s 2018 Emerging Jobs List
"The most sought-after skills in the blockchain space include those around the Solidity programming language, ethereum, cryptocurrency and node.js, an open-source JavaScript platform, the report indicates. LinkedIn further notes that IBM, ConsenSys and Chainyard are the top three employers in the space with top locations being San Francisco, New York City and Atlanta, across information technology & services, computer software and internet sectors."

Detailed analysis of Decred fork resistance
"Getting the fundamentals of fork resistance right is critical to longevity. The hybrid PoW and PoS system creates checks and balances to ensure that small groups cannot dominate the flow of transactions or make changes to Decred without agreement among stakeholders. It incentivizes coordination and collaboration, which turns Decred into an uncommonly strong network that is built to last for the long-term."

Blockstack Unlocks ~$25 Million in Funding
"We’re happy to announce that Blockstack PBC has successfully unlocked approximately $25 million in funding from our December 2017 token offering. We structured the Blockstack token offering such that the majority of the capital would only be unlocked when certain, specific milestones were reached. This self-imposed requirement was our way to introduce investor protection. The decision as to whether we met a milestone is determined by an independent Advisory Board, rather than the Blockstack PBC directors or team."

The State of Bitcoin
"Bitcoin may face additional selling pressure in the near-term, but we
believe prices will bottom in Q1 2019 based on our analysis of holder
dynamics during prior boom-bust cycles. Lightning Network development has progressed rapidly, allowing Bitcoin to scale without sacrificing security. The success of this technology will be crucial and may prove superior to other scaling solutions in the long run."

Report: 91 Pct Of Retailers Aren’t PCI Compliant
"That’s according to TokenEx, which recently hosted a webinar to help retailers better understand tokenization. In a press release, TokenEx pointed to a new analysis by SecurityScorecard that shows the alarming rate at which retailers aren’t prepared. It found based on an analysis of 1,444 domains from October of 2017 to March of 2018 that about 91 percent of retailers did not comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, which puts them at risk from a data protection point of view."

Bitcoin and the Promise of Independent Property Rights
"Civilization scales through cooperation, but cooperation between strangers is inherently hard. Social institutions can solve this prisoner’s dilemma and allow us to cooperate on a larger scale. At the bottom of the stack, we need a stable and benevolent monopoly on violence, to enforce the rules of the legal system and establish property rights. Until now, it was impossible to have strong property rights in places with a weak local government. Bitcoin does not depend on the existing system in any way and can give us the highest form of property rights, no matter who and where we are."

(bitcoin-dev) Schnorr and taproot (etc) upgrade
"The settlement and pre-signed-HTLC-spend transactions all make use of
the NOINPUT-commit-to-scriptPubKey varaint in this arrangement; so it
does seem like it's probably useful in practice; scriptless scripts make
the direct-signature path pretty useful."

CoinGeek Selling Miners

TX Probe

Bitcoin ATMs May Be Used to Launder Money
"By his estimate, more than half the machines in the U.S. aren’t following the rules—meaning they don’t verify identification or impose limits on transactions—potentially resulting in more than $500 million in illicit cash being laundered annually. “That should be getting someone’s attention,” he says, adding that there are plenty of legitimate customers using BTMs—speculators, for instance, and immigrants sending money home to their families in countries like the Philippines and Mexico."


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