Ethereum ASICs are here: is a hard fork next?

Technical & Updates

Bitmain announces Antminer E3, the first Ethereum ASIC

Reddit discussion thread on the Ethereum ASIC

Bitmain E3 ASIC announced from r/EtherMining

Anti-ASIC forks considered harmful
(Philip Daian)

"A key question if a community does decide to pursue a strategy of repeated ASIC forks is the governance question; how are new PoW algorithms chosen, how are they evaluated for security, how are they tested for consistency by client teams, and how are they proposed to/”voted” on/adopted by a wide network of decentralized users with a complex governance model."

Vitalik live tweets & commentary on Bitcoin section of Deconomy

Cryptographic right answers

"But if you’re a developer and not a cryptography engineer, you shouldn’t do any of that. You should keep things simple and conventional and easy to analyze; 'boring', as the Google TLS people would say."

Working with blockchains

"The Wolfram Language has built-in capabilities for interacting with blockchains. It can retrieve detailed information from Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains, as well as Wolfram blockchains. Wolfram blockchains are supported in the Wolfram Cloud and elsewhere, and allow immediate storage and retrieval of arbitrary Wolfram Language expressions."

News & Commentary

The crypto hedge-fund bubble is starting to deflate
(Bloomberg, by Olga Kharif)

"Gains of more than 1,000 percent at some funds last year helped spread the euphoria that made Bitcoin the topic of holiday gatherings and mainstream news coverage. This year has been a different story, with returns already down 23 percent, according to Eurekahedge Crypto-Currency Hedge Fund Index."

'Being cash-free puts us at risk of attack': Swedes turn against cashlessness
(The Guardian, by David Crouch)

"But an opinion poll this month revealed unease among Swedes, with almost seven out of 10 saying they wanted to keep the option to use cash, while just 25% wanted a completely cashless society. MPs from left and right expressed concerns at a recent parliamentary hearing. Parliament is conducting a cross-party review of central bank legislation that will also investigate the issues surrounding cash."

Lawyer Stephen Palley comments on latest ICO crackdowns


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