A discussion on Byzantine-Fault Tolerance safety of EOS

Fix DPOS loss of consensus due to conflicting last irreversible block


Vitalik Buterin and Emin Gün Sirer engage in a constructive EOS DPOS mechanism discussion with Dan Larimer on EOS Github.



Observations of the Dash Treasury DAO
(Richard Red)

"Each month, DASH dispenses 10% of the block rewards for that month in a superblock. This DASH is distributed to the wallets associated with treasury budget proposals which have scored highly enough to receive a payout. MNOs vote Yes or No to proposals, on the basis of one vote per MN. There is a voting threshold which determines whether a proposal will be funded: a net Yes vote greater than 10% of all MNs. The threshold formula is: (YES votes — NO votes) > (Total Number of Masternodes / 10)."

News & Commentary

Jack Dorsey hopes Bitcoin will become web's 'native currency'
(CoinDesk, by Morgen Peck)

"Square has yet to build a full bitcoin payments solution for merchants and consumers, as it quickly changed direction to work on a buying-and-selling service to be integrated into its Cash App. But Dorsey said that the goal is same as it has always been."

'Cargo-cult engineering': Bitcoin Core dev slams Consensus Conference
(Bitcoinist, by Wilma Woo)

Uncovering the real cartel in Bitcoin

"Bitfinex, Tether, Kraken, Barry Silbert (owner of DCG), Roger Ver, Erik Voorhees+the CME and many other actors in the market appear to all be connected together and complicit in market manipulation of some sort. In addition, Poloniex, CoinDesk, and other parties appear to be at least peripherally involved."


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