Korea walks back plans to ban crypto exchanges

Thursday, January 11, 2018


Korean Official: Cryptocurrency Exchange Ban 'Not Finalized' (CoinDesk)

"South Korea's Presidential Office said today that a plan to ban trading cryptocurrencies via exchanges in the nation is still not set in stone."

Vertcoin 2017 In Review, and 2018 Roadmap (Medium)
"We have been working hard to bring you what we know will be some of the biggest technical releases in 2018."

The House Passed a Bill to Renew a Controversial Foreign Surveillance Tool (MIT Technology Review)

"Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which allows the NSA to collect electronic communications of “non-U.S. persons” who are “reasonably believed” to be outside the country, is due to expire next week. The House voted to approve its renewal for six years."


Is Bitcoin the New Gold? (Barrons)

"'Crypto should be thought of as "low/zero return or hedge-like assets' wrote a Goldman Sachs analyst in a note published Wednesday."

Stablecoins are doomed to fail, Part II: MakerDAO’s “DAI” stablecoin is breaking, as predicted (Preston Byrne)

"If a stablecoin can’t hold its peg, all the time, every time, it’s simply not a stable coin. It is a mere aspiration of stability, clothed in technobabble, that has broken the buck, and a stablecoin’s users – if stability is indeed what they seek – would be better off just withdrawing cash, depositing money in a FDIC-insured bank or making an investment in a money market fund."


White Paper Published for Blockchain Privacy Tech Zk-starks (CoinDesk)

"Touted as a more secure version of zk-snarks, the privacy technology used by zcash, zk-starks remove the need for a "trusted setup." The publication of the zk-starks white paper will likely cause a stir in the development community."

ZCash: past, present and future (Youtube)

"Past:Zerocash (academic work). Present: Zcash (deployed cryptocurrency). Future: Privacy preserving general purpose computation."

Tools & Tutorials

TorGuard: Anonymous VPN service TorGuard is one of the first consumer businesses to accept Lightning Network payments for Bitcoin.
Bitscreener: See coin price performance, sliced and diced in various ways.


Decred Atomic swap has been completed between XZC (ZCOIN) testnet and DCR testnet. Github

Zencash Latest release of Arizen wallet (v1.1.2) is live. It provides a new API wallet for Zencash with encrypted locally stored files. Github


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