Mitigating the x86 Spectre and Meltdown Chip Vulernabilities Could Kill Your Processor's Performance


Smart Contracts Proposal MAST Inches Closer to Bitcoin's Code (CoinDesk)

"Developers have submitted a pull request for Merkelized Abstract Syntax Trees (MAST), marking the first time this smart contracts proposal has been the subject of a pull request seeking its integration into bitcoin's code."


Ethereum Price Highs Overshadow New Wave of Tech Issues (CoinDesk)

"More forward-looking projects are showing signs of strain also. The test network for Casper, ethereum's long-awaited ecologically friendly alternative to proof-of-work, and arguably a core tenet of its value proposition, is currently splitting into incompatible forks."

Data Science gone wrong: Predictive Policing is a WMD (Medium)

"Predictive policing models, and WMDs in general, value being obscure and complicated. They can charge a higher premium for technical wizardry their customers can’t understand. They typically use hundreds or even thousands of different input variables to make their predictions. They claim this is what makes their predictions so good."


Understanding the performance impact of Spectre and Meltdown mitigations on Windows Systems (Microsoft)

"On a phone or a PC, this means malicious software could exploit the silicon vulnerability to access information in one software program from another. These attacks extend into browsers where malicious JavaScript deployed through a webpage or advertisement could access information (such as a legal document or financial information) across the system in another running software program or browser tab."

Tell Me a Story: Thoughts on Model Interpretability (Medium)

"As the market of ideas has been flooded with ever-more-complex architectures, seemingly teetering under the weight of all those layers, the chorus of voices calling for interpretable machine learning has grown ever larger. "

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Bitcoin Lightning Network - Practical Use Examples A graphic illustration of use cases of the Bitcoin Lightning Network


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