As it generates shocking revenues, Coinbase hit with insider trading lawsuit

Exhanges are in an arms race. Right after Circle's Poloniex acquisition, Coinbase beefed up its M&A firepower by poaching Linkedin's head of acquisitions (see story below). However, the aggressive rainmaking is acompanied with controversy: a Class Action is filed against Coinbase for tipping off insiders ahead of its Bitcoin Cash launch.


Crypto exchanges are raking in billions of dollars
(Bloomberg, by Camila Russo)

"The top 10 are generating at least $40 million daily in fees and as much as $350 million, according to estimates compiled by Bloomberg using trading volume reported on data tracker and fee information on the exchanges’ websites."

Coinbase hit by lawsuit over alleged insider trading
(CoinDesk, by Wolfie Zhao)

"Based on the complaint, the case takes aim at Coinbase's launch of bitcoin cash (BCH) trading in the same month, with the plaintiffs accusing the company of tipping off insiders ahead of the formal launch. As such, the group accuses the firm of negligence, and is seeking damages, the amount of which will be decided at trial."

Coinbase signals Bitcoin M&A appetite after Circle-Poloniex deal
(Fortune, by Jen Wieczner)

"Emilie Choi started Monday as Coinbase's vice president of corporate and business development, the company said. At LinkedIn, Choi oversaw more than 40 acquisitions in her role as VP of corporate development, including its $1.5 billion purchase of Lynda, an online education startup, in 2015."

The father of the JOBS Act is helping build a next-generation ICO
(CoinDesk, by Michael del Castillo)

"In Weild's original 2010 research paper, credited with helping inspire the creation of the Jobs Act, he blamed the drop in IPOs largely on a lack of support for aftermarket business services that help make going public profitable for the post-trade world at large."


Commentary on the possibility of Tether forced to cease operations in U.S.

Egalitarian society or benevolent dictatorship: the state of cryptocurrency governance
(By Sarah Azouvi, Mary Maller, and Sarah Meiklejohn)

"In particular, we scraped the open-source repositories associated with the irrespective codebases and improvement proposals to find the number of people contributing to the code itself and to the overall discussion. We then present different metrics to quantify decentralization, both in each of the cryptocurrencies and, for comparison, in two popular open-source programming languages: Clojure and Rust."

Your location data is being sold - often without your knowledge
(WSJ, by Christopher Mims)

"As location-aware advertising goes mainstream—like that Jack in the Box ad that appears whenever you get near one, in whichever app you have open at the time—and as popular apps harvest your lucrative location data, the potential for leaking or exploiting this data has never been higher."

Silicon Valley is dead, says Silicon Valley
(NYT, by Kevin Roose)

"When you invest in a San Francisco start-up, 'you're basically paying landlords, Twillio, and Amazon Web Services,' said Ms. Bannister of Founders Fund, referring to the companies that provide start-ups with messaging services and data hosting."

How A.W. Crawford created the first European export market for U.S. petroleum


Crypto innovation spotlight 3: MAST
(Medium, by Spencer Bogart)

"The tl;dr is that MAST moves a significant portion of smart contract processing and storage off-chain and, in doing so, could materially increase Bitcoin’s functionality (more complex smart contracts), privacy (fewer details of smart contract are divulged publicly), and efficiency (consumes fewer network resources in executing and verifying these contracts)."

Probability of winning Powerball vs. guessing Bitcoin private key

Governance of the Decred project subsidy through Politeia
(Medium, by Richard Red)

"Decred combines Proof of Work (PoW, 60% of block reward) with Proof of Stake (PoS: 30% of block reward) to secure the network, with the remaining 10% of the block reward going into a project subsidy wallet to fund development of the project."

Ethereum Plasma MVP overview


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