Coinbase demonstrates Lightning Network "ramp" in alpha

The largest retail bitcoin "investment" platform has defied critics who argued that Coinbase and its CEO Brian Armstrong were too focused on Ethereum, and Mist browser competitor called Satoshi.


Lightning Ramp Alpha Demo (YouTube, by Lightning Ramp - Coinbase)

"In this demo, we show how the Lightning Ramp connects Coinbase users to the Lightning Network. We demonstrate both sending and receiving Bitcoin from the Lightning Network."


The man building a 'better Bitcoin' on why Bitcoin isn’t the cryptocurrency for mainstream use
(Factor Daily, by Jayadevan PK)

"In Zcash, we use that since it became possible to make Zero Knowledge Proofs that were sufficiently compact to be put on a blockchain. In Zcash, I don’t have to reveal my actual account ID, I’ll just prove to you that there is a document which proves that I own one of the coins."


Hackers exploit 'Telegram Messenger' Zero-day flaw to spread malware
(The Hacker News, by Swati Khandelwal)

"According to Kaspersky Lab, the malware creators used a hidden RLO Unicode character in the file name that reversed the order of the characters, thus renaming the file itself, and send it to Telegram users."

Tricked by a honeypot contract or got beaten by another hacker. What happened?
(Reddit, by CurrencyTycoon)

A smart contract that looks exploitable turns out to be a honeypot and takes the exploiter's Ether.

Advertising emails are infested with trackers


Tenta Secure Browser: a browser with VPN and ad-blocker built in.

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