Circle acquires cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex

Circle, a portfolio company of Goldman Sachs and Digital Currency Group, announced today that it will acquire cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex for a reported $400 million.


This big cryptocurrency acquisition could create a Wall Street-style financial giant
(Fortune, by Robert Hackett)

"Circle, a cryptocurrency-focused financial-services firm, will announce today that it is buying crypto exchange Poloniex—a move that immediately makes Circle one of the largest and most influential companies in the industry."

Cautioned ICO investors look to SEC with Class Action Lawsuits

"The cryptocurrency-related class action lawsuits have seen a rise lately (table). The crypto litigation has revolved around three areas so far - exchanges, mining services and ICOs. The most notable class action lawsuits are against Kraken, Tezos and Bitconnect."

'Satoshi' Craig Wright is being sued for $10 billion
(CoinDesk, by Stan Higgins)

"The lawsuit is being brought by Ira Kleiman on behalf of the estate of his brother, Dave, who has been linked to the earliest days of bitcoin. Kleiman, a forensic computer investigator and author, passed away in 2013 following a battle with MRSA."

Putin endorses blockchain technology


A slide from the Circle presentation on its Poloniex acquisition

The blockchain won't save Venezuela
(Bloomberg, by Matt Levine)

"I don't know why Venezuela's 'petro' cryptocurrency annoys me so much. It is partly that the promise of cryptocurrency was supposed to be trustless decentralization: You trust the thing because of objective certainties embedded in its open-source code, not because some authority tells you to."

A thread on the origin of money and Bitcoin's storage of value


From Zero-knowledge proofs to Bulletproofs paper
(Maxwing's blog, by Adam Gibson)

"It ends up being a walkthrough of sections of three academic papers, with 'Asides' along the ways about various supporting concepts like Commitments and Zero Knowledge Proofs."

Why is it taking 20 minutes to mine this Bitcoin block?
(Russell O'Connor)

"You have just made a Bitcoin transaction and you are eager to see if it appears in the next block. You know that the expected time between Bitcoin blocks is 10 minutes. You check the log of your Bitcoin node. It has been 7 minutes since the previous block. You recall that blocks occurrences in Bitcoin are a Poisson process, which is memoryless."

A discussion of developers' preferences for platforms


Decred lead developer discusses progress on Lightning support.

Decred developer released proof of concept software experimenting with how ticket splitting can be achieved - to ultimately lower the bar for users wishing to participate in DCR’s governance system. Github

Monero publishes Dev Meeting summary and logs. Monerbase

ZCash is now accepted at MultiVPN Service. Twitter

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