Chrome browser will start blocking ads

Minimalists rejoice: tomorrow Google Chrome will begin selectively blocking ads as you browse. Announced last summer, the initiative will rely on the Coalition for Better Ads to determine which units deserve blocking. Advertising accounted for 88 percent of revenue for Google's parent, Alphabet. Full story below.


CFTC to establish crypto and DLT committees
(CoinDesk, by Annaliese Milano)

"Indeed, the event had one tangible outcome from the get-go – just prior to the break, the committee approved the creation of two subcommittees, with one devoted to cryptocurrencies and the other on broader application of distributed ledgers in the finance space."

Coinbase Commerce-the easiest way for merchants to accept digital currency

"Unlike previous merchant products we’ve offered, Coinbase Commerce is not a hosted service, so merchants have full control of their own digital currency."

Google’s Chrome browser starts blocking ads Thursday, but not the way you’d think
(SFChronicle, by Dwight Silverman)

"Google will evaluate whether sites are using ads that violate these standards and give them a grade of Passing, Warning or Failing. When a user visits a site in Chrome, it checks to see if there are any known bad ads at that site, and if so it will block not only those, but all ads on the site. Users will have the option of displaying ads for a site where they are blocked."


Litecoin creator's summary of 'the death of Bitcoin'

How Wall Street's 'fear gauge' is being rigged, according to one whistleblower
(Market Watch, by Mark Decambre and Francine McKenna)

"The letter makes the claim to regulators that fake quotes for the S&P 500 index SPX, +1.34% are skewing levels of the Cboe Volatility Index VIX, -22.87% which reflects bearish and bullish options bets 30-days in the future on the S&P 500 to gauge implied stock-market volatility."


Sending Bitcoin on Lightning (the early, risky way)
(CoinDesk, by Rachel Rose O'Leary)

"Simply put, Lightning in its current state is dangerous to interact with today. But given the network's big promises – instant transactions and fees that are next to nothing – risk isn't diminishing the appeal."

Beware of Facebook's new VPN, it could collect even more of your personal data
(Techrepublic, by Connor Forrest)

"Through a feature called Protect in Facebook's iOS, the firm is pushing its Onavo Protect client that collects user data."

What's yours is Cryptomine: How Endgame stops WannaMine

"One of the most impactful cryptomining malware to date is WannaMine, which integrates the self-propagating capabilities and ETERNALBLUE exploit found in the WannaCry ransomware. Unlike some instances of cryptomining malware where the attack takes place in the browser, WannaMine has characteristics similar to other forms of malware."

HTTPS or bust: Chrome’s plan to label sites as "Not Secure"
(Cloudflare, by Patrick R. Donahue)

"Google just announced that beginning in July 2018, with the release of Chrome 68, web pages loaded without HTTPS will be marked as 'not secure'."

Expanding Intel's bug bounty program: New side channel program, increased awards
(Intel, by Rick Echanvarria)

"In support of our recent security-first pledge, we’ve made several updates to our program. We believe these changes will enable us to more broadly engage the security research community, and provide better incentives for coordinated response and disclosure that help protect our customers and their data."

Smart swarms seek new ways to cooperate
(Quanta Magazine, by Kevin Hartnett)

"Researchers are learning how to control these systems so that they function in a manner similar to swarms of bees or colonies of ants: Each individual operates in response to the same basic set of instructions. But when the swarm comes together, its members can carry out complex behaviors without any centralized direction."

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