One Engineer's Experience Building on Ethereum versus EOS

Technical Updates

Today we had a conversation with Kedar Iyer, blockchain engineer at Everipedia, a decentralized encyclopedia built on EOS. We talked about his experience working with the two leading dapp networks, why EOS will be better infrastructure, and why Ethereum is more fun.

Another perspective on EOS and Ethereum

Ethereum vs EOS ! Why do we need Eth in an EOS world? w/ Joshua Marx

More News

First beta of Decred ticket splitting

Description of scriptless scripts

Zcash company statement on ASICs
(Zooko Wilcox and Josh Swihart)

"While the company is not taking a technical position at this time, should the foundation (or anyone else) propose an upgrade that has gone through the Zcash Improvement Proposal (ZIP) process and comes with the rationale, engineering and planning required for a safe network upgrade, we will consider merging it in and committing to its ongoing support."


Digital currency as a technical stack

State of blockchain Q1 2018

"* Bear market takes hold in multiple cryptocurrencies. Price, transaction volume, exchange volume, and more all down over 3 months.

  • Bitcoin hashrate continues to grow by 47% despite slumps.
  • $6.3bn for ICOs and $885mn for VC. The average ICO raise amount has about doubled from last quarter of $16mn to $31mn.
  • Transaction fees fall from 60% to 90% with bitcoin averaging a $9.49 fee per transaction.
  • Sentiment Survey: 31% paid taxes on their crypto gains. 18% of U.S. respondents said they thought understanding taxes were easy compared to 38% of Non-U.S. respondents."

Commentary on VC's roles in promoting ICOs


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