Up to 20 percent of bitcoin buying might be on credit

A recent poll conducted by LendEdu in December shows 1/5 of new bitcoin buyers are paying with plastic. At least one credit card issuer has taken notice.

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Crypto purchases are boosting Mastercard customer spending, CFO says
(Bloomberg, by Jennifer Surane)

"The payment network’s cross-border volumes -- a measure of customer spending abroad -- have risen 22 percent so far this year, fueled partly by clients using their cards to buy digital currencies."

Bittrex CEO announces USD trading on the popular crypto exchange
(DowBit, by Jacob Dunn)

"Bill Shihara, CEO of Bittrex, has announced it will add US dollar trading on the popular exchange. However, the offer will not be available for everybody – likely only for institutional investors. As more crypto investors doubt Tether, this is welcome news."

CME rebuffs smaller Bitcoin fans while CBOE leads in crypto-future
(Bloomberg, by Brian Louis)

"Because CME’s contracts are five times more valuable, that might be keeping smaller investors at bay. Also, TD Ameritrade Holding Corp., the big retail broker, offers Cboe’s futures to clients but not CME’s."


When crypto exchanges hold more than your money
(CoinDesk, by Marc Hochstein)

"... 1) Concerned about money laundering and financial crime, international regulators want to make sure crypto exchanges, like most financial intermediaries, know who their customers are. 2) Depending on how much crypto a user trades, this entails the exchanges collecting all sorts of personally identifiable information: real name, address, a copy of your passport, even a selfie. 3)The exchanges aren't very good at securing this data. Which isn't a surprise, because... They aren't very good at securing users' funds, either."

Tackling the internet's central villain: the advertising business
(Medium, by NYT)

"From Russian propaganda to tech addiction, the incentives and excesses of the digital ad business are the cause of much of what ails online discourse."


Spectre and Meltdown flaws being exploited by more than 100 strains of malware
(Techrepublic, by Nick Heath)

"Researchers have gathered more than 130 samples of malware that try to exploit Meltdown and Spectre, although most appear to be proof-of-concept code rather than being used in attacks."

Quantum algorithms struggle against old foe: clever computers
(Quanta Magazine, by Ariel Bleicher)

"But quantum supremacy is not a single, sweeping victory to be sought — a broad Rubicon to be crossed — but rather a drawn-out series of small duels. It will be established problem by problem, quantum algorithm versus classical algorithm."

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