Does anyone care about Bitcoin improvements anymore?

Amidst dropping prices, Core development marches on with infrastructure improvements.

Technical & Updates

Roadmap to Bitcoin developments
(Medium, by Ian Edwards)

"These developments were big steps towards improving Bitcoin by increasing transaction throughput and lowering fees, among other advantages. In addition to those, there are many more proposed improvements to the Bitcoin protocol under development. This article will take a look at what’s in the development pipeline and review what could be coming to Bitcoin in the years ahead."

A thread that provides brief explanations of the upcoming developments

Bitcoin Q&A: what is the roadmap?

Streamlined Nanopos LApp offers point-of-sale simplicity

Commentary on the significance of Lightning Network

Thread on the major problems of Lightning Network, listed by Emin Gün Sirer

Remittance transaction on Lightning Network from Nigeria to Zimbabwe

User broadcasted corrupted Lightning channel states, and lost his collateral as penalty

⚡ Hackers tried to steal funds from a Lightning channel, just to end up losing theirs as the penalty system worked as expected from r/Bitcoin

A hitchhiker's guide to distributed systems
(Storj, by JT Olio)

"To get to exabyte scale, we need to have a laser focus on the user experience. As we move towards mass adoption, we need greater decentralization, top-flight security, rock-solid reliability, yes, but we also need a dramatic increase in performance, functionality, and features."

Bridgeware: the air-gap malware
(Communications of ACM, by Mordechai Guri, Yuval Elovici)

"Air-gapped networks are also commonly used in critical infrastructure and control systems where breaching incidents can have catastrophic results, however such networks are not limited to military or critical infrastructures. Stock exchanges, insurance companies, biomedical manufacturers, and a wide range of industries use isolated networks in their IT environments."

Secure messaging? More like a secure mess
(EFF, by Nate Cardozo, Gennie Gebhart, and Erica Portnoy)

"In sum, that secure messaging is hard to get right—and it’s even harder to tell if someone else has gotten it right. Every day this week, we’ll dive into all the ways we see this playing out, from the complexity of making and interpreting personal recommendations to the lack of consensus on technical and policy standards."

How to spot faulty statistics

News & Commentary

Adding ERC20 support to Coinbase

"Additionally, like GDAX, support for ERC20 will also give us a path to enabling the safe recovery customer ERC20 assets inadvertently sent to Coinbase Ethereum addresses."

Kraken's the key to the next Coinbase listing

"While the measures highlight the importance of a healthy global cryptocurrency market, the data is no more than a 'yes or no' metric that filters down the possibilities as of date. The potential listings have many more requirements to fill, and not all fit the bill for a potential add on the exchange."

Goldman-backed cryptocurrency startup says it's profitable
(Bloomberg, by Selina Wang)

"Circle Internet Finance Ltd., a Goldman Sachs Group Inc.-backed startup focused on mobile payments and cryptocurrencies, said it has reached profitability and hired a former Boxed Wholesale executive to lead finance and risk."

Over half the assets on Onchainfx are down at least 80% from ATH

Cboe urges U.S. regulators to move forward with Bitcoin ETFs
(Reuters, by John McCrank)

"Cboe believes ETFs would give investors a more transparent and accessible way to get exposure to cryptocurrencies than the spot market."

Smartphones, contents of the mind, and the Fifth Amendment
(Communications of ACM, by Stephen B. Wicker)

"This Viewpoint suggests the data-centric focus ignores an equally important issue: the nature of the relationship between smartphones and their users. I begin with a brief review of the erosion in the belief in a mind-body separation and a growing recognition that the boundaries between the individual and the 'outside' world are far more tenuous than once thought."

Is affiliate marketing disclosed to consumers on social media?
(Freedom to Tinker, by Arunesh Mathur)

"This example is not unique to YouTube or affiliate marketing. There are several marketing strategies that YouTubers, Instagrammers, and other content creators on social media (called influencers in marketing-speak) engage in to generate revenue: affiliate marketing, paid product placements, product giveaways, and social media contests."


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