Blame engineering culture: a conversation with Decred about Bitcoin's biggest woes

Iterative Capital Partner Chris Dannen and journalist Ben Schiller sit down to speak with Marco Peereboom and Jonathan Zeppettini from the Decred project.

Discussion on the security of Bitcoin


Hostile blockchain takeovers with Joseph Bonneau

Samourai and goTenna enable Bitcoin trasnactions without internet access
(Bitcoin Magazine, by Matthew Breen)

"Not only does it provide more versatility to those wishing to avoid using censored systems, but it opens up a slew of use cases for Bitcoin in regions with less-developed infrastructures and those affected by natural disasters."

Clever machines learn how to be curious
(Quanta Magazine, by John Pavlus)

"This feedback loop also allows the AI to quickly bootstrap itself out of a nearly blank-slate state of ignorance. At first, the agent is curious about any basic movement available to its onscreen body: Pressing right nudges Mario to the right, and then he stops; pressing right several times in a row makes Mario move without immediately stopping; pressing up makes him spring into the air, and then come down again; pressing down has no effect."

News & Commentary

Circle raises $110 million, plans to create dollar-pegged cryptocurrency
(Reuters, by Anna Irrera)

"In conjunction with its investment, Bitmain will be involved with Centre and help launch coins linked to other fiat currencies, or legal tender, Circle said. Bitmain is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency mining companies and a leading manufacturer of the hardware needed to mine."

Crypto constitutionalism

"By contrast, blockchains offer a space for rapid, hyper-experimentation. New constitutional rules can be instantiated by a simple fork. New protocols can be released in months or weeks."

The problem isn't Duplex or AI. It's Google
(Vector, by Rene Ritchie)

"If Google is going to show off such deep knowledge of us and our contexts that it can draft emails for us and make phone calls for us — in other words, act as us — it has to actively, emphatically, repeatedly tell us how it's respecting our privacy while its doing it."


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